Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 105- 111

Pictures from the past week:

Day 105: 5.18.12- Our play group went to the local fire station. Lucy refused to get in the truck, but loved everything else!

Day 106: 5.19.12- Ballet Recital Photo- Cutest thing ever!

Day 107: 5.20.12- Went out to dinner with some friends. Theo lasted pretty long in his highchair, but eventually we gave in and took him out. 

Day 108: 5.21.12- Lucy is ready for bed!

Day 109: 5.22.12 Lucy woke up and immediately set up this tea party! Here's Theo about to enjoy it in is his own way- by causing chaos!

Day 110: 5.23.12- Lucy had her first official visit to the dentist! She did great, climbed right up into the chair!

Day 111: 5.24.12- Grandmommy and Grandbuddy getting entertained with the all popular tea party. Lucy can even conduct her tea parties over Skype!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fairy Garden Update

A while back I posted about a fairy garden post I ran across from The Magic Onion's blog. Lucy and I have been having so much fun with making our own! This past weekend we took a walk into town and went by a garden shop. I thought Lucy and I could see if we could find anything inside to add to our garden. As soon as we stepped inside we saw an actual fairy garden! Here it is below:

We were so excited! We walked inside further to find shelves of little fairy garden items for sale- furniture, gardening tools, houses, gazebos and other accessories. Lucy chose some gardening tools, a mushroom and a little lamp (so her fairies could see at night) to buy and add to our garden.

Here she is doing a little gardening~

She decided to put the lamp right in the middle where her fairies could see it easily. Our next plan is to try to make some little stepping stones with some sea glass we've been collecting and to get her fairy's wings repaired.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 97- 104

Some photos from the past week:

Day 97: 5.10.12- Theo having some fun with his music table. He can dance now and has even let go with both hands a few times!

Day 98: 5.11.12- Hanging out at the beach...

Day 99: 5.12.12- This is how our play room looks every day. Crazy!

Day 100: 5.13.12- My beautiful Mother's Day picture from Lucy...

Day 101: 5.14.12- Taking a walk into town. This stroller is getting heavier by the day!

Day 102: 5.15.12- Just checking out some books!

Day 103: 5.16.12- Grandbuddy came into town for a night. We had to go to Pinkberry to celebrate!

Day 104: 5.17.12- Fun on the fridge- Lucy likes spelling things and Theodore just likes undoing everything she did.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our First Fairy Garden

I ran across this fairy garden contest- Fairy Garden Contest- 2012, and was inspired to try it with Lucy. Seeing as how she is obsessed with all things fairy and imaginary play, I thought it would be perfect! We set off to find a container, soil and other goodies to start it off with. Here is Lucy with the fairy garden after day 1.

A few days later we added some strawberry plants and a pinwheel. She was also determined to have some fairy dust to sprinkle on it daily. Here she is sprinkling some in the pool.

Eventually Lucy painted a fairy house to add to the garden, and together we made two fairies to live there. They are enjoying it, (although I just can't seem to find a way to keep their wings from falling off.) 

Sometimes Lucy takes the fairies on an adventure in some sort of flying carriage she's created. Here they are visiting her secret garden. 

Flying into the tree....

Can't wait to see what she comes up with next! She's having a blast, and I've enjoyed working on it with her and watching her play from afar.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 89- 96

Photos from the past week:

Day 89: 5.2.12- Smiley Theodore!

Day 90: 5.3.12- Lucy and I started her fairy garden. We went to the nursery and Michaels together and chose what we needed. She mapped it out with sidewalk chalk before we planted it!

Day 91: 5.4.12- Caught this brief moment of Theo listening to Lucy read.

Day 92: 5.5.12- Heading home from a dinner out. They held hands almost the whole way home! 

Day 93: 5.6.12- Way to go, Theo!

Day 94: 5.7.12- Lucy sprinkling some fairy dust...

Day 95: 5.8.12- Taking a stroll!

Day 96: 5.9.12- Here's Lucy taking her two fairies for a ride. She makes them talk in their own fairy language. Cute!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

April Kiwi Crate

Our April Kiwi Crate- Gardening!

Whenever our Kiwi Crate arrives, Lucy goes ecstatic! (Just seeing her excitement at it's arrival is just one of many reasons I love subscribing to it.)

We've gotten into a routine with it now. She's allowed to choose one activity to do the day it arrives. She reads through both pamphlets that describe each activity and makes her choice. The other one we save for another day or to do with Daddy later on the weekend when he's not so tired from work.

To plant the seeds or to do the pot art project....

Lucy ended up deciding on the art project to do her first day. First, she sat down to decorate her pots with some model magic. We received the three primary colors, and it was fun helping her learn to mix them to make other colors. 

Together we made a rainbow which she stuck on one pot. Here she is adding some more creations.

While she was waiting for me to help her with the next step she noticed the other project came with suction cups with hooks attached. She asked what they were for, so we looked at the directions and saw they were to hang our window garden. She ran to the bathroom and grabbed her bath toy holder (that also has suction cups) and stuck it to the window. She was so excited to see she already had suction cups at home that could do the same thing!

Here she is with her finished pots. We decided to put them by our nature table to add "extra beauty" as she would say.

Usually after we complete an activity together, I leave the extra materials for her to use on her own. While I was making dinner, I found her creating her own garden with the leftover materials. It became the centerpiece for the next few nights of dinner!

Even the packaging material was used! 

The second activity was creating a window garden. It came with wonder soil pellets which really mystified Lucy. The night before we did the project, I was tucking Lucy into bed and she said she just couldn't sleep because she couldn't stop wondering about those wonder soil pellets. 

Here's Lucy checking out her window garden. It looks like the bean plant is doing well! 

She loves checking out how much the roots have grown!

We're also trying to grow some pumpkins and sunflowers (Lucy's picks!) from seeds. We'll see how they do over the next few weeks. (Some sprouts have already fallen victim to overexcited hands). It's all a learning experience!

Can't wait for the next crate!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 82- 88

Photos from the past week~

Day 82: 4.25.12- We stopped by the consignment store on the way home from the library and saw this out front. It was perfect for our backyard!

Day 83: 4.26.12- Theodore getting a little taste of Pinkberry. 

Day 84: 4.27.12- Lucy went to a friend's birthday party at Chuckie Cheese. It was her first time there, and my first time in many years! 

Day 85: 4.28.12- Theo enjoying the beautiful, sunny day down at the park.

Day 86: 4.29.12- Watching some old home videos with the kids. Lucy enjoyed seeing what she was like at Theo's age. (And Paulie and I enjoyed seeing what crazy parents we were back then. I actually overheard myself say- "This toy is overstimulating her.")

Day 87: 4.30.12- Fun with friends at the park!

Day 88: 5.1.12- Took a walk down to the aquarium and stopped along the way to see the new seal pups on the beach.