Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 89- 96

Photos from the past week:

Day 89: 5.2.12- Smiley Theodore!

Day 90: 5.3.12- Lucy and I started her fairy garden. We went to the nursery and Michaels together and chose what we needed. She mapped it out with sidewalk chalk before we planted it!

Day 91: 5.4.12- Caught this brief moment of Theo listening to Lucy read.

Day 92: 5.5.12- Heading home from a dinner out. They held hands almost the whole way home! 

Day 93: 5.6.12- Way to go, Theo!

Day 94: 5.7.12- Lucy sprinkling some fairy dust...

Day 95: 5.8.12- Taking a stroll!

Day 96: 5.9.12- Here's Lucy taking her two fairies for a ride. She makes them talk in their own fairy language. Cute!

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