Friday, August 24, 2012

I've Moved!

I'm moving on to Wordpress and have a new name too! Hope to see you there~


Photo a Day: Days 196- 202

Some photos from the past week~

Day 196: 8.17.12- Taking baths are always fun!

Day 197: 8.18.12- We had an unusual warm day today. It was the perfect day for Lucy to do some running through the sprinkler!

Day 198: 8.19.12- Nothing like a family pizza night!

Day 199: 8.20.12- Lucy making some music at the farmer's market.

Day 200: 8.21.12- Daddy took the kids to the local coffee shop so Mommy could have some down time. Here's Lucy playing there.

Day 201: 8.22.12- Theodore's first slide!

Day 202: 8.23.12- Lucy recorded her Steller's Jay sighting from our backyard birdfeeder.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Leaf Printing

Today was one of those beautiful, sunny days, where the air felt just right- a day you could not pass up enjoying outside! The kids played outside while Paul did some gardening in the backyard. Lucy kept running inside with bunches of flowers and grasses to put in vases. I kept searching cupboards frantically looking for jars and vases to keep up with her newly discovered decorations for the house. 

Eventually Lucy came inside for a break. It had been a while since we had done our art journals (care of a wonderful blog Tinkerlab ) so we set up an area to get creative! We had been wanting to do some leaf printing, and this seemed like the perfect time! We gathered some of the materials she had brought in and some paints to get started. 

I helped Lucy set up a painting area.

And she dove right in!

Look at that concentration!

It was fun experimenting with different leaves and colors. Lucy also wanted to try printing with the flowers and grasses. It was messy, but so fun!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 185-195

Some photos from the past week~

Day 185: 8.6.12- Lucy checking out some strawberries at the farmers market.

Day 186: 8.7.12- Hanging out with Grandmommy!

Day 187: 8.8.12- Grandmommy and Grandbuddy took Lucy to a special lunch after school at the Earthbound Farm Stand.

Day 188: 8.9.12- Lucy & Daddy

Day 189: 8.10.12- Play time with Grandmommy

Day 190: 8.11.12- In the vacation house Lucy had some tv time. 

Day 191: 8.12.12- Lucy and Theo playing before bed.

Day 192: 8.13.12- More pre-bedtime play time!

Day 193: 8.14.12- Cutie-pie

Day 194: 8.15.12- Lucy posing by a car at Pacific Grove's Little Car Show during Concours week

Day 195: 8.16.12- Theodore figured out how to throw.....HARD!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 175- 184

Some photos from the past week~

Day 175: 7.27.12- Picking some flowers at Golden Gate Park and oblivious to the dinosaur behind her.

Day 176: 7.28.12- Enjoying a fireworks show at the Feast of Lanterns. Theo was both scared and in awe of it!

Day 177: 7.29.12- Lucy enjoying some playtime with my old checkbook.

Day 178: 7.30.12- Just being silly at the farmer's market.

Day 179: 7.31.12- Theo hanging out with a friend.

Day 180: 8.1.12- Enjoying some time at a rocky beach at Point Lobos.

Day 181: 8.2.12- Eyeing some burgers Grandbuddy just grilled!

Day 182: 8.3.12- Stairs!!! 

Day 183: 8.4.12- Nothing more fun than a shoulder ride from Grandbuddy!

Day 184: 8.5.12- Grandmommy and her grandkids. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park

I can't believe our summer is coming to an end so quickly. It has definitely been a challenging one, but mixed with lots of fun and memorable times. We decided it would be fun to take a quick day trip up to San Francisco to end our final week. My husband and Lucy had seen an advertisement for a dinosaur exhibit up in Golden Gate Park, so it was decided that would be our destination!

We loaded up in the car and a few hours later we were at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park! It was gorgeous!

Lucy seems oblivious to the giant t-rex head as she's picking flowers....

We headed inside and enjoyed the exotic and interesting plants and flowers. 

And then we ventured into the dinosaur exhibit! Theo was not into the dinosaurs complete with sound effects. 

Afterwards, we had some fun at the nearby park and also took a ride on the carousel. Theo loved his first ride! 

Definitely a good end to the summer! We'll have to come back- never realized how big Golden Gate Park is!

Photo a Day: Days 166- 174

Some photos from the past week~

Day 166: 7.18.12- My best friend from college came out for a visit with her family. It was the first time meeting each other's kids! So fun! I think they are meant to be best friends as well!

Day 167: 7.19.12- Fun at the aquarium.

Day 168: 7.20.12- Theodore hanging out at the beach. (There's Daddy and Lucy in the background.)

Day 169: 7.21.12- Some relaxing puzzle time.

Day 170: 7.22.12- Sunday morning pancake morning! The girls joined in our Sunday tradition!

Day 171: 7.23.12- Theo practicing his walking skills. 

Day 172: 7.24.12- Some morning artwork.

Day 173: 7.25.12- We started off doing our art journals, and it morphed into mixing colors. 

Day 174: 7.26.12- This poor guy was sick, but it almost always can cheer him up going outside in the fresh air. He loved being able to get into Lucy's fairy garden!