Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 21-23

Friday- 2.24.12 (Day 21) Theo's first time eating beets and potatoes!

Saturday- 2.25.12 (Day 22) I was on a cooking rampage making pitas, granola bars, tapioca pudding and pizza. Paulie played with the kids while I was busy cooking. Looks like they're doing some xbox!

Sunday- 2.26.12 (Day 23) We took a little drive downtown to a local bookstore. (Wasn't feeling up for the walk since I've been a bit under the weather.) It was our first time there, and Lucy loved it! They have a cute little children's book area. Lucy immediately grabbed a book and got comfortable! I'm so amazed by how much she's ready at 3 years old! She knew her basics (letter identification, letter sounds, phonemic awareness, concepts of print etc) very early on, and now she's really getting comfortable decoding big words. So excited for her! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photo a Day- Days 18-20

Tuesday: 2.21.12 (Day 18)- Here's Daddy taking Lucy to school! Later in the day he will be volunteering in her class.

Wednesday: 2.22.12 (Day 19)- Lucy went on a playdate to a local pizza place! She got a tour of the kitchen, giant refrigerator and dough tossing lessons! Here she is making her own pizza-

Thursday: 2.23.12 (Day 20)- Today we took an afternoon walk to the beach. It was fun looking in the tide pools and playing in the sand. Here's a person Lucy drew in the sand-

Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo a Day- Days 15-17

Saturday- 2.18.12 (Day 15)
Today we had our friends in town from Fresno. Lucy had a great time hanging out with Zoe! Here she is taking a rest at the butterfly sanctuary.

Sunday- 2.19.12 (Day 16)
Theo finally pulled himself up to standing all on his own!

Monday- 2.20.12 (Day 17)
Tomorrow Daddy is volunteering in Lucy's preschool class. Here they are preparing a counting activity to do with all her friends!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo a Day- Days 11-14

Tuesday- 2.14.12 (Day 11)
Here's Lucy at her first Valentine's Day party!

Wednesday- 2.15.12 (Day 12)
Every Wednesday we go to the library for story time. Here are the kids on the way back. Theo is obviously still not adjusted to his sunglasses- not too happy! :)

Thursday- 2.16.12 (Day 13)
We had a busy day today! Lucy went to school and ballet class in the morning and then we had a play group in the afternoon. Here are the kids just hanging out together afterwards.

Friday- 2.17.12 (Day 14)
Spent a few hours at the park today. Here's Theo having some fun in the swing!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo a Day- Day 10- Getting Ready for Valentine's Day!

Lucy worked really hard on getting her valentines ready all week. Today is the day we assembled them and put them in their envelopes. Earlier we had made the heart crayons and watercolored the hearts cut-outs. Today we attached the crayons to the cut-outs and stamped her name to them. (I had thought about having her stamp her classmate's names too, but just doing her name was exhausting!) She put them in the envelopes, sealed them and chose the perfect sticker to embellish each one! She is so excited for her first Valentine's Day party tomorrow!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photo a Day- Day 9

Theodore having a good time-

Photo a Day- Day 8

That was a close one! Almost missed today, but captured a quick photo of Lucy sound asleep. She's actually sleeping in our room since we have company- still fits on a baby mattress!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Photo a Day- Day 7

We have finally made it to step two of making Lucy's class valentines. (The first thing we did was make heart shaped crayons to be attached to the finished hearts.) Here she is doing a light watercolor on her hearts. Later, we'll attach the crayon hearts and somehow decorate them and add some wording. She is soooo excited to bring them to school on Tuesday! We also have to bring a treat for her class. I'd like to bring something not too unhealthy since I'm sure there will be plenty of sugar- maybe some homemade heart shaped cheese crackers? Or fruit kabobs? Hmm...

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Photo a Day- Day 6

Today was a parent viewing day at Lucy's ballet preschool. It was so fun watching her learn ballet and interact with her friends. They practiced many different positions and did some dancing. Even Theo stayed calm the whole 45 minutes so I could get some pictures! Here's one of my favorites-

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Puppet Show!

I had uploaded this photo a while back and never got around to posting it. It's one of my favorites! Lucy and Theo watching Daddy put on a show with an accordion!

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Photo a Day- Day5

So, I'm enjoying the 366 project so far, although I've only been doing it 5 days. We'll see how it goes as the weeks go by. I'm still trying to figure out the best place online to store the photos. I want somewhere to upload them where I can add captions and make them into a book after a year. Any ideas?

Today Lucy and Theodore's sunglasses arrived in the mail. Every time we go walking I realize I need to get them some. Lucy loves hers (of course- she's into any and every accessory). Theo wasn't too happy. Once he realized they were supposed to stay on his face, he started pulling them off and crying. I got a bunch of shots, but this was my favorite- Lucy trying to help Theo get his glasses back on. It makes me smile every time I see them interact. Now that Theo is getting older, he's learned ways to get Lucy's attention and loves grabbing her and laughing and making her laugh. I feel so happy they have each other and hope they keep a special bond the rest of their lives.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Photo a Day- Day 4

Having some fun in the afternoon-

Monday, February 06, 2012

Photo a Day- Day 3

We finally got started on Lucy's classroom valentines. Today we made heart crayons that we plan on attaching to the valentines to her class. (Still have to figure out what those will look like!)

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Photo a Day- Day 2

The kids entertaining themselves during the Super Bowl.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Photo a Day- Day 1 (late start!)

I finally decided to take part in the photo a day project- posting one photo a day for the year. I am getting a late start so I think I'll just still do it for a year and carry it through Februrary 4, 2013.

So, the first photo! It's Lucy playing with her dollhouse. I watched her unaware for awhile. I love how she her voice gets so high when she's making her dolls talk. I'm thinking that dollhouse will have to be moved up somewhere much higher soon since Theo is very close to crawling!