Monday, August 13, 2007

Back from traveling bonanza

So the traveling is over! We were out east for a week and then back down to LA. Now we are back teaching this week- a big whirlwind of traveling. It was hectic, but fun! My first trip to New York City- I loved it!

I got a tiny bit of knitting done on the plane ride out there, but mostly slept and read. I have really slacked on the knitting lately. And I'm sure with school starting back up I'll really be slacking. Those first graders wear me out at the beginning of the year!

So, I guess I filled out my INS papers wrong for the adoption. Ugh! I hope it doesn't set us back too far. Luckily, they emailed us for clarification rather than just throwing out our whole application. We'll see how it goes. Keeping me fingers crossed...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

One down!

I finished Elisa's Nest Tote tonight. Perfect timing- we're off to New Jersey tomorrow morning at 5am.... so I'm off. Here's a quick picture: