Wednesday, May 02, 2012

April Kiwi Crate

Our April Kiwi Crate- Gardening!

Whenever our Kiwi Crate arrives, Lucy goes ecstatic! (Just seeing her excitement at it's arrival is just one of many reasons I love subscribing to it.)

We've gotten into a routine with it now. She's allowed to choose one activity to do the day it arrives. She reads through both pamphlets that describe each activity and makes her choice. The other one we save for another day or to do with Daddy later on the weekend when he's not so tired from work.

To plant the seeds or to do the pot art project....

Lucy ended up deciding on the art project to do her first day. First, she sat down to decorate her pots with some model magic. We received the three primary colors, and it was fun helping her learn to mix them to make other colors. 

Together we made a rainbow which she stuck on one pot. Here she is adding some more creations.

While she was waiting for me to help her with the next step she noticed the other project came with suction cups with hooks attached. She asked what they were for, so we looked at the directions and saw they were to hang our window garden. She ran to the bathroom and grabbed her bath toy holder (that also has suction cups) and stuck it to the window. She was so excited to see she already had suction cups at home that could do the same thing!

Here she is with her finished pots. We decided to put them by our nature table to add "extra beauty" as she would say.

Usually after we complete an activity together, I leave the extra materials for her to use on her own. While I was making dinner, I found her creating her own garden with the leftover materials. It became the centerpiece for the next few nights of dinner!

Even the packaging material was used! 

The second activity was creating a window garden. It came with wonder soil pellets which really mystified Lucy. The night before we did the project, I was tucking Lucy into bed and she said she just couldn't sleep because she couldn't stop wondering about those wonder soil pellets. 

Here's Lucy checking out her window garden. It looks like the bean plant is doing well! 

She loves checking out how much the roots have grown!

We're also trying to grow some pumpkins and sunflowers (Lucy's picks!) from seeds. We'll see how they do over the next few weeks. (Some sprouts have already fallen victim to overexcited hands). It's all a learning experience!

Can't wait for the next crate!

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