Monday, May 21, 2012

Fairy Garden Update

A while back I posted about a fairy garden post I ran across from The Magic Onion's blog. Lucy and I have been having so much fun with making our own! This past weekend we took a walk into town and went by a garden shop. I thought Lucy and I could see if we could find anything inside to add to our garden. As soon as we stepped inside we saw an actual fairy garden! Here it is below:

We were so excited! We walked inside further to find shelves of little fairy garden items for sale- furniture, gardening tools, houses, gazebos and other accessories. Lucy chose some gardening tools, a mushroom and a little lamp (so her fairies could see at night) to buy and add to our garden.

Here she is doing a little gardening~

She decided to put the lamp right in the middle where her fairies could see it easily. Our next plan is to try to make some little stepping stones with some sea glass we've been collecting and to get her fairy's wings repaired.

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