Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 105- 111

Pictures from the past week:

Day 105: 5.18.12- Our play group went to the local fire station. Lucy refused to get in the truck, but loved everything else!

Day 106: 5.19.12- Ballet Recital Photo- Cutest thing ever!

Day 107: 5.20.12- Went out to dinner with some friends. Theo lasted pretty long in his highchair, but eventually we gave in and took him out. 

Day 108: 5.21.12- Lucy is ready for bed!

Day 109: 5.22.12 Lucy woke up and immediately set up this tea party! Here's Theo about to enjoy it in is his own way- by causing chaos!

Day 110: 5.23.12- Lucy had her first official visit to the dentist! She did great, climbed right up into the chair!

Day 111: 5.24.12- Grandmommy and Grandbuddy getting entertained with the all popular tea party. Lucy can even conduct her tea parties over Skype!

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