Thursday, May 17, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 97- 104

Some photos from the past week:

Day 97: 5.10.12- Theo having some fun with his music table. He can dance now and has even let go with both hands a few times!

Day 98: 5.11.12- Hanging out at the beach...

Day 99: 5.12.12- This is how our play room looks every day. Crazy!

Day 100: 5.13.12- My beautiful Mother's Day picture from Lucy...

Day 101: 5.14.12- Taking a walk into town. This stroller is getting heavier by the day!

Day 102: 5.15.12- Just checking out some books!

Day 103: 5.16.12- Grandbuddy came into town for a night. We had to go to Pinkberry to celebrate!

Day 104: 5.17.12- Fun on the fridge- Lucy likes spelling things and Theodore just likes undoing everything she did.

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