Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 82- 88

Photos from the past week~

Day 82: 4.25.12- We stopped by the consignment store on the way home from the library and saw this out front. It was perfect for our backyard!

Day 83: 4.26.12- Theodore getting a little taste of Pinkberry. 

Day 84: 4.27.12- Lucy went to a friend's birthday party at Chuckie Cheese. It was her first time there, and my first time in many years! 

Day 85: 4.28.12- Theo enjoying the beautiful, sunny day down at the park.

Day 86: 4.29.12- Watching some old home videos with the kids. Lucy enjoyed seeing what she was like at Theo's age. (And Paulie and I enjoyed seeing what crazy parents we were back then. I actually overheard myself say- "This toy is overstimulating her.")

Day 87: 4.30.12- Fun with friends at the park!

Day 88: 5.1.12- Took a walk down to the aquarium and stopped along the way to see the new seal pups on the beach.

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