Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Lucy's 4th Birthday

Lucy's 4th Birthday

I can't believe I actually have a 4 year old! I know we all say this every year, but how did that go by so quickly?! We had a very low key day on her actual birthday. She work up and blew out the candles from her birthday ring. (This year she actually set it up herself- Miss Independent!)

Later, she opened gifts from the family. Daddy and I got her this wooden workbench.

Party Day

The next day was her party day! She had her heart set on a princess fairy birthday party at the local children's museum. The kids played first. Here's Lucy doing some acting on the stage! And then we did cupcakes. I ventured out of my comfort zone and actually made them myself this year.


This year instead of receiving gifts, we requested the kids participate in a book exchange. (We had actually taken part in one at a recent birthday and loved it!) Each child brings a wrapped book and they all choose one they didn't bring and get to open it. So each child leaves with their own fun present!

After the book exchange the kids played some more. Lucy had a blast!

The Preparation

I really wish I had taken pictures of everything, but as the party grew near, it was the last thing on my mind. Here are a few shots I had taken throughout the process.

The cupcakes- I found a yummy chocolate cake recipe online and also chose a cream cheese frosting.  Lucy and I watched youtube videos on how to frost cupcakes. We went to Michaels and picked out the toppings for them. She and I actually made quite a few batches thoughout the week trying different batters and practicing our icing skills!

I made each child a fairy wand (dowel with ribbons and a little bell up top) and some fairy headbands. The picture below is the headband before adding the ribbon hanging down. It was cute seeing all the girls wearing these during the party. I had also bought supplies to make some woodland elf hats should any boys had come, but it ended up being an all girl party!

Lucy and I also made some centerpieces. We bought a plain, plastic green plant on clearance and then added some flowers and other decorations to it. Lucy also painted some fairy houses to set on the table.

Another favor each child received was a wooden fairy. Here they are before finally being finished. It was actually quite relaxing sitting around and painting them. I bought plain wooden pieces from Michaels and then just painted them with simple craft paint. I added a layer of Modge Podge after the paint dried.

Here are the favor bags fully assembled.

The museum already pre-sets up the party room for you. I was too rushed to remove the red tablecloth they had set up and just ended up putting our party decorations over it. 

I made a few appetizers for the party as well. This is not the greatest picture, but these were actually fairy wand sandwich skewers that turned out pretty cute!

It was a fun day. I especially liked that Lucy was now old enough to really help with preparing her party. She's already brainstorming ideas for Theodore's 1st birthday in June!

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