Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 56- 60

Some more photos of the day! Can't believe it's already been 60 days. I was nervous about doing this project, but am actually enjoying it so much. Even my husband is into it and is either reminding me to take a picture, suggesting a good shot or even taking some himself!

3.30.12 (Day 56)- Lucy making her own pizza at a local restaurant.

3.31.12 (Day 57)We went to Fresno for the weekend to celebrate some birthdays. Here's Lucy hanging out at the hotel with her cousin Nico.

4.1.12 (Day 58) Lucy had so much fun at her friend, Zoe's, birthday party! 

4.2.12 (Day 59)- Theodore loves his new toy I purchased at the local consignment store. That place has been a lifesaver!

4.3.12 (Day 60)- Lucy is reading Theo his favorite book, Look, Look! She has really taken off with her reading the last month or so and is excited to try decoding much more challenging words!

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