Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 61- 67

Pictures from the past week~

4.4.12 (Day 61)- Lucy posing with her artwork. Although we've made a special place to hang artwork in the house, she prefers sticking her finished pieces on the door with stickers!

4.5.12 (Day 62) A little cuddle time with Daddy

4.6.12 (Day 63) Theodore has decided it is much easier to just bypass using hands.

4.7.12 (Day 64) Lucy and Theo at Bunnyland! 

4.8.12 (Day 65) Easter morning 

4.9.12 (Day 66) We finally got around to planting. Lucy was mostly excited about wearing her gardening gloves. Since we haven't gardened in our new town yet, we bought a little bit of everything and are going to see how the plants do. I'm hoping for some good peppers this summer!

4.10.12 (Day 67) Daddy telling stories and singing to Lucy (part of the extravagant bedtime routine Lucy has somehow convinced us to do.) 

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