Friday, July 27, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 166- 174

Some photos from the past week~

Day 166: 7.18.12- My best friend from college came out for a visit with her family. It was the first time meeting each other's kids! So fun! I think they are meant to be best friends as well!

Day 167: 7.19.12- Fun at the aquarium.

Day 168: 7.20.12- Theodore hanging out at the beach. (There's Daddy and Lucy in the background.)

Day 169: 7.21.12- Some relaxing puzzle time.

Day 170: 7.22.12- Sunday morning pancake morning! The girls joined in our Sunday tradition!

Day 171: 7.23.12- Theo practicing his walking skills. 

Day 172: 7.24.12- Some morning artwork.

Day 173: 7.25.12- We started off doing our art journals, and it morphed into mixing colors. 

Day 174: 7.26.12- This poor guy was sick, but it almost always can cheer him up going outside in the fresh air. He loved being able to get into Lucy's fairy garden!

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