Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 155- 165

Some photos from the past week~

Day 155: 7.7.12- Hanging out at Shaver Lake! Lucy and Theo absolutely loved their first lake visit!

Day 156: 7.8.12- Peeking through the puppet theater.

Day 157: 7.9.12- Having  a little snack.

Day 158: 7.10.12- Playing before bedtime.

Day 159: 7.11.12- Lucy can not be separated from her 'peachy' blankie. It seems to go everywhere!

Day 160: 7.12.12- Grandmommy sent a box of Uncle Joe and Aunt Jill's old toys to play with. 

Day 161: 7.13.12- Cute close up!

Day 162: 7.14.12- Playing at a friend's house.

Day 163: 7.15.12- Off for a bike ride! Theodore was doing just fine until I arrived. 

Day 164: 7.16.12- Lucy watching her ballet recital on tv. 

Day 165: 7.17.12- Crayons and a glass jar= FUN! 

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