Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 21-23

Friday- 2.24.12 (Day 21) Theo's first time eating beets and potatoes!

Saturday- 2.25.12 (Day 22) I was on a cooking rampage making pitas, granola bars, tapioca pudding and pizza. Paulie played with the kids while I was busy cooking. Looks like they're doing some xbox!

Sunday- 2.26.12 (Day 23) We took a little drive downtown to a local bookstore. (Wasn't feeling up for the walk since I've been a bit under the weather.) It was our first time there, and Lucy loved it! They have a cute little children's book area. Lucy immediately grabbed a book and got comfortable! I'm so amazed by how much she's ready at 3 years old! She knew her basics (letter identification, letter sounds, phonemic awareness, concepts of print etc) very early on, and now she's really getting comfortable decoding big words. So excited for her! 

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