Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Good-bye my precious Meadow

Our sweet little greyhound, Meadow, passed away yesterday. She was only 7, and it was very unexpected. She had been ill the past couple weeks and we had been going to the vet. I had actually just taken her yesterday afternoon. We came home, and I left to run errands. My husband came home, and she was fine, running up with Franklin and greeting him. Then, he said a few minutes later, she went rigid and collapsed. He held her in his lap and she took her last few breaths there. He took her to the vet where they pronounced her dead. And of all days, I didn't have my cell with me so my husband couldn't reach me. I never got to say good-bye. The vet says she probably had cancer, but I guess we'll never know. She was my husband's first dog, and my first adopted greyhound. She and my husband have always had an extra-special bond, so it is especially hard for him. She always wanted to nuzzle and cuddle and hold hands, she loved loving and being loved. We miss her so much. I love you, Meadow!


Kim in Oregon said...

How we love our dogs, and how there time with us is never enough. Meadow was a beauty.

love to all,


Slaggyc said...

Thank you. I miss that sweet, adorable face.