Monday, August 06, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 175- 184

Some photos from the past week~

Day 175: 7.27.12- Picking some flowers at Golden Gate Park and oblivious to the dinosaur behind her.

Day 176: 7.28.12- Enjoying a fireworks show at the Feast of Lanterns. Theo was both scared and in awe of it!

Day 177: 7.29.12- Lucy enjoying some playtime with my old checkbook.

Day 178: 7.30.12- Just being silly at the farmer's market.

Day 179: 7.31.12- Theo hanging out with a friend.

Day 180: 8.1.12- Enjoying some time at a rocky beach at Point Lobos.

Day 181: 8.2.12- Eyeing some burgers Grandbuddy just grilled!

Day 182: 8.3.12- Stairs!!! 

Day 183: 8.4.12- Nothing more fun than a shoulder ride from Grandbuddy!

Day 184: 8.5.12- Grandmommy and her grandkids. 

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