Monday, June 11, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 120- 128

Some photos from the past week~

Day 120: 6.2.12 Theo having some fun with his toy clock in the morning.

Day 121: 6.3.12- I love naked baby pictures! Theo is very into pulling and shutting drawers. Trying to find something just right to wear!

Day 122: 6.4.12- After shopping at the farmer's market, Lucy took some time to play in the park. 

Day 123: 6.5.12- When Daddy takes Theo to bed, he always stops right there in the hall and waves bye-bye while Lucy and I blow him kisses. One of those little things you hope you never forget. 

Day 124: 6.6.12- Lucy's first trip to the eye doctor! She did great!

Day 125: 6.7.12- Theo loves pushing around his toy. 

Day 126: 6.8.12- Lucy waiting patiently for us to be seated at our favorite local restaurant. She was so excited to bring her purse- it was fully loaded with 'lipstick' (chapstick) and a crayon. 

Day 127: 6.9.12- Lucy playing outside with some water beads. I wish I had also gotten some photos of Theo with her, they had a blast together!

Day 128: 6.10.12- A quick trip to Target to get bike helmets for the kids. Here's Theo trying on his first bike helmet!

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