Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photo a Day: Days 41-45

More photos from the last few days-

3.15.12 (Day 41)- Theo is a pro at pulling himself up now! He is always excited for bath time!

3.16.12 (Day 42) Lucy got her Kiwi Crate this month. It was all about wind! Here she is with her windsock she made. And, it was even more exciting that the day she made is was really windy so she really got to watch it whip around!

3.17.12 (Day 43) The next activity from her Kiwi Crate was building a wind powered car. She did this one with Daddy. It was all I could do to make her wait a day in between activities.

3.18.12 (Day 44)- Here is our climber again!

3.1912 (Day 45) Lucy and I have been busy testing out cupcake recipes to find a good one to make cupcakes for her birthday party. We've also been practicing how to frost them!

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