Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Trip to the Local Farm

It was a beautiful day so we decided to head to the Earthbound Organic Farm near us in Carmel Valley. I always drive by it taking Lucy to preschool and never think to stop- always in too much of a hurry. A few weeks ago Lucy was invited to a birthday party there (which was put together amazingly by this place) and I thought we need to come here often. It's a fabulous place to live so close to! And so today was the day!

We started off with a fabulous lunch. We ordered some lentil soup, panini (can't even remember what kind- just that it was good!), salad and finished with some raspberry and honey frozen yogurt. All the food is organic and sooooo delicious!

 Lucy really wanted to check out the pumpkins. I told her we'd come back and get our Halloween pumpkins, but for now, she could choose some little ones to decorate our nature table.

Then we took off to do some exploring. First stop was for sure going to be the raspberry patch! The have three different kinds growing that you just pick and eat as you walk down. They're full of butterflies and bees- gorgeous!

 A view of the farm

Some cute, little three year old hands picking a goldenberry. These were so sweet and irresistible! We couldn't stop searching for more!
 A close-up of the berries.

They also have an herb garden where you can even snip your own!

And off we go into the kids' garden. They have planters for each letter of the alphabet. Lucy had a blast! By this time, we were very hot and tired. Not pictured is my husband lugging around the 3 month old, which I threatened that he better not let a ray of sun touch that poor white skin.

We finished off the trip in the market to buy some produce to enjoy at home and some local honey to give as a gift. Tomorrow we're off to our old stomping grounds- Fresno.

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