Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Honey Taste Test

Ever since we moved to the central coast, we've been looking for some local honey. I've been hoping it would help with allergies and building up the immune system. A few weeks ago we found the bottle on the left at the Earthbound Organic Farm. I was so excited! It was expensive though, 14.95 for 12 ounces. But, it actually tastes wonderful! My husband didn't believe me and thought it tasted just like any other honey. So, tonight we were at a local farmers' market and found some other local honey. This one was much more affordable- 6.95 for 8 ounces. I thought it was good, just not as good as the expensive one. When we got home we decided to do a taste test. The expensive honey won with me and my husband so my point was proven. (I will admit, I do like to win). Lucy, my 3 year old, wanted in on the action too. Her winner was the inexpensive one. Go figure! We'll see how long they last. Yum!

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