Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Flicca, Flicca, Flicca.

Why can't I get my Flicca sweater done?! I've got all the pieces done except the two sleeves. I've been stalling on the first one for months! But, I think I may have figured it out. It's just been so hot this past summer, I never wanted to pick up that yarn! But, today was our first day in the 70's- now I think I'm motivated to get these sleeves done. Of course I dread finishing the sweater, but we'll deal with that when I get to it! Here's the sleeve- I think it looks exactly the same as the last time I posted it!

I'm also making another Elisa's Nest tote for my mom. She loved my sister's that I made earlier. I think I'll give it to her for her birthday in November. I'm using the allhemp6 again, which I absolutely LOVE knitting with. I guess I'm in the minority since I prefer knitting with hemp and cotton. It just feels good in my hands!

And here's poor Franklin's reaction to my starting to knit again. Poor baby!

As far as our adoption process, we now have all the paperwork we need, and it's all apostilled! We just need to make copies and send it in! Such a huge relief and so exciting!!!

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Sherilyn said...

Hooray! I'm so excited for y'all. Having all the paperwork ready to send in is HUGE.