Monday, July 02, 2007

Dossier, dossier, dossier, dossier, grrrrrrrrr

This is all that goes through my head lately. Ugh! I just want to get this done. I know many adopters say to enjoy this time, the part where we have control over everything, but I think I am going to more enjoy the part of waiting and hoping. This paperwork is just becoming the end of me. We're battling the police departments trying to get a notarized criminal background check, our doctor doesn't have letterhead to put our medical check on, but our agency (or country) requires it, still waiting for an appt. date for our INS fingerprints to get our !-171H to complete our dossier, and two of our reference letter writers are out of town and unable to be reached. It's just a bunch of little things adding up to make me want to take all the papers and throw them around the room and stomp on them! :) (But, of course, I won't--that would make the anxiety even worse.) I can't wait for the day when I submit my final dossier!!!! Please, hurry day!!!!

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Sherilyn said...

I can SO relate. I don't feel in control of my dossier process at all...I just submit and wait and at least once it is submitted I'll know for sure it is out of my hands. Right now it feels like I should be able to control it but can't!