Monday, June 18, 2007

Finally Some Pictures!

I finally got around to taking some pictures. First, since this IS supposed to be a knitting blog:
the tiny amount of progress on my baby blanket, and

my stack of Flicca! I've done the back and two front panels.

I've been painting walls too! I tried to take a couple pictures, but they didn't really come out too well. Here's the guest room that used to be a dumping ground. We painted the walls a light beige color.

And here's the soon-to-be nursery for when we adopt. Since we have no preference on the sex of the baby, I had to paint the room somewhat neutral. The walls are a greyish- light blue and the borders are a soft brown. I painted the shelf and outlets a light peach.

Here's the bedding for the crib too.

And, finally, the top of a quilt I started a long time ago. If I could just get the energy to face actually learning how to finish it!

We just finished our home study visit today. It all went well. My husband is out at the accountant's office doing more adoption paperwork. Then, he's picking up a greyhound we are fostering for the week. Her name is Lexi. I'm sure I'll have some pictures to post of her soon. I'm hoping she can perk up our Franklin, who is missing his sister, Meadow, a lot.

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Knothead said...

Hey thanks for looking at my blog. I like your baby blanket. I crocheted mine because even though I am a more advanced knitter, I am a faster crocheter.