Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another day down...

Not a fun day today- I had my scan scheduled today at my infertility doctor. I still have a large cyst, which means no medicine for this month to help things along. Then, they broke the news to me that there was really nothing else they could do for me. I would need to be referred out to a specialist. (I thought I WAS going to a specialist.) Ugh! Very sad day. Of course we are still so excited to be working on the adoption process, but it's still hard to hear the news today. I guess we'll have to decide if we are just going to completely stop with infertility and just focus on adoption or how to handle all this. Confusing, frustrating, crappy.

On a more positive note, I just finished the back of my Flicca sweater! I took a picture to post, and then my camera died. I'll have to do it after the batteries recharge. So excited!

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